Water sports

Olivia Sports and Sea complex is situated at the entrance of ACHILLIO GULF, fully protected from the strong winds and high waves and famous by its more than 20 SANDY BEACHES. Access to some of them from the land is rather complicated, making them isolated and silent at any time of the season. It is highly recommended to take the SUP or canoe and go along the coast of Achillio gulf, enjoying breathtaking views of beaches, shores and spurs with stops and swims at any place at any moment.

  • Olivia’s rental service offers different models of SUP and CANOES (single and double, sit on top type) for beginners and experienced users.
  • One time per week the SUP and canoe INTRODUCTION LESSONS are performed by Olivia sports team for guests of the complex.

Working Time

  • Depending on weather conditions (no strong wind in the gulf)
  • From 9:00 till 14:30, from 16:30 till 18:00
  • Introduction lessons: 9:00 Monday morning

Internal rules

  • Life vests are absolutely compulsory
  • The safety briefing to be proceeded before starting the water sports
  • Should be able to swim the distance more than 50 m
  • T-shorts underneath the life vests are advisable

Admission Criteria

  • Kids till 14 years old – only together with their parents, provided by signed permission of legal parents
  • Kids above 14 years old – provided by signed permission of legal parents
  • Must be able to swim 200 m


watersports prices τιμές θαλάσσιων σπορ

Sport packages

Sport packages prices Τιμές σπόρ πακέτων


  • Water park daily admission
  • Canoe 2 hours rent
  • Bike half day rent
  • SUP 1 hour rent