Water park

The SLIDES, SWINGS, CLIMBING HILLS, CLIFFS FOR JUMPING and other modules will compose very nice entertainment for kids and their parents. Simple from outside, the obstacle course represents sometime very high challenge and provides unforgettable experience for customers of any age.

  • Two INFLATABLE SWINGS are additionally available for kids below 7 years old for free (admission only together with parents).
  • LIFEGUARD is always on duty.

Working Time

  • Depending on weather conditions (the strength of wind should not exceed 4 bf)
  • From 9:00 till 14:00, from 16:30 till 18:30

Internal rules

  • Life vests are absolutely compulsory
  • The safety briefing to be proceeded before the entering the water park
  • Visitors should be able to swim the distance more than 50 m
  • Due to the safety reasons admission for kids between 6 and 8 years old is allowed only together with parents
  • The delicate behaviour, preventing any kind of accidents is compulsory and highly appreciated
  • For kids below 14 year old the written permission of legal parents is absolutely compulsory
  • T-shorts underneath the life vests are advisable
  • 50 persons maximal capacity of water park should not be exceeded

Admission Criteria

  • Age 8+
  • 120 cm and taller
  • Must be able to swim 50 m


  • Age of kids from 6 to 8 years old
  • Admission of kids ONLY together with their parents
  • Kids must be able to swim 20 m
  • 110–120 cm


watersports prices τιμές θαλάσσιων σπορ

Sport packages

Sport packages prices Τιμές σπόρ πακέτων


  • Water park daily admission
  • Canoe 2 hours rent
  • Bike half day rent
  • SUP 1 hour rent