Hiking and Cycling

Surrounding area with HILLS, OLIVE GROVES and NATURAL FORESTS is covered by plenty of kilometres of roads and paths, offering outstanding opportunities for lovers of cycling and hiking. A lot of routes are running along the coastline, representing on each point unforgettable sunning views of the sea and surrounding nature.

HIKING AND CYCLING is especially recommended during the low season, when he nature is very green and outside temperature is not hot. Swimming in the warm sea during the Autumn (possible until the mid of November) will complement outstanding feelings after the long excesses. High hills around let customers choose the optimal challenge level, satisfying any of guests requirements.

Olivia`s rental service offer BIG VARIETY OF BICYCLES, matching different customers profiles.


MODEL: MX 50, bikes for kids

SIZES: S, M, L, bike for kids

TYRE TYPES: Off-road, street tires

Recommended walking and cycling routes are available in the reception, or on SMART TV hotel channel.

Working Time

  • All seasons
  • From 9:00 till 14:30, from 16:30 till 18:00
  • Group hiking tours: May – Oct., 17:00 Tuesday

Internal rules

  • Helmets are absolutely compulsory
  • The safety briefing to be proceeded before starting the trekking and cycling
  • In the case of long trips take with you: phones, uv protective sun cream, water, some money.
  • At the end of spring and at the beginning of summer be careful about snakes (small snakes are dangerous) – look at the road under our feet, don’t climb on the rocks.

Admission Criteria

  • Kids till 14 years old – only together with their parents , provided by signed permission of legal parents
  • Kids above 14 years old – provided by signed permission of legal parents


In order to use the routes please download Strava application on your mobile or tablet.

NameTypeDistanceSurface typeElevation gainAverage timeLink to Strava
Afternoon RideBicycle11.1 kmAsphalt309 m 35 min
Lunch RideBicycle7.5 kmMixed201 m40 min
Morning RideHike5.7 kmMixed231 m45 min


Bike half of the day rental feeBike three days rental feeBike seven days rental fee

Sport packages

Villa TypePackage descriptionCost per villa
TWO BEDROOM VILLA4 sports activities per villa per day. 7 days€140
THREE BEDROOM VILLA, 5 guests5 sports activities per villa per day. 7 days€175
THREE BEDROOM VILLA, 6 guests6 sports activities per villa per day. 7 days€210
FOUR BEDROOM VILLA8 sports activities per villa per day. 7 days€280


  • Water park daily admission
  • Canoe 2 hours rent
  • Bike half day rent
  • SUP 1 hour rent