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Inflatable water park

Big variety of WATER SLIDES, TRAMPOLINES, CLIFFS, TAKE-OFF RAMPS and other elements will bring a lot of fun and unforgettable experience for guests of any age, any skills, any shape.

  • Destined for the kids above 6 years and for adults. Children at the age of 5 to 8 are permitted to enter the park only with adults.
  • For those, who did not achieve 6 year old yet Mini-inflatable playground is located on the sea within couple of meters from the beach.

Water sports rentals

The FRIENDLY SEA, SANDY BEACH and the location at the entrance of the Ahilio gulf are making Olivia place as ideal spot for water sports activities, such as SUP and canoeing.

  • Different models of SUP and canoe are available for discovering of breathtaking beauty of nearby shores and beaches.

Cycling and hiking

The location of the complex is perfect for whole seasonal CYCLING AND HIKING. In all directions from the village, guests can enjoy beautiful routes, surrounded by unbelievable nature. From the top of the nearest mountains, the amazing view on the Pagasicos gulf is observed. Walking as well as riding bikes are especially enjoyable during autumn and spring,  when it is not that hot outside and all the nature around is so FRESH AND BEAUTIFUL.

  • Different models of bicycles are available.

Sport packages

Sport packages prices Τιμές σπόρ πακέτων


  • Water park daily admission
  • Canoe 2 hours rent
  • Bike half day rent
  • SUP 1 hour rent