Hidden from the noise of the cities, situated by the high hills, surrounded by the natural forests and olive groves, just next to the sandy beach, “OLIVIA SPORTS AND SEA RESORT” REPRESENTS A COMPLEX OF VILLAS FOR WHOLE-SEASONAL VACATIONS.

The location and characteristics offer unique opportunities for VACATION, COMPRISING LUXURY LIVING STYLE AND BEACH LEISURE WITH DIVERSIFIED SPORTS ACTIVITIES. It also offers visiting of historical sites of interest of continental Greece.

The Complex is surrounded by kilometers of paths and roads, challenging lovers of active life style for HIKING AND CYCLING. Property is located in just at the entrance to Pagasetic gulf, in Pteleos Cove fully protected from the high waves and strong winds, offering very attractive opportunities for water sport activities such as SUP AND KAYAKING.

The OLIVIA PROJECT TEAM, using the best from its professional knowledge and life experience is taking care about ensuring guests by unforgettable vocational experience.

Highest accommodation standards, diversified sports activities, healthy and delicious food, close distance to worldwide famous historical places provide guests with plenty of combinations, finally leading to enjoyable time with family, physical recovering and mental relaxation.

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